Jayson Stark Rumbles and Grumbles on the DL

Listen to Dan and Nick interview ESPN’s Jayson Stark.
Click here for the clipped up version of the show.

*Note – This is a special addition to the PW Presents, linked from our site. We just thought we’d share.

Jayson Stark from ESPN brings his Rumblings and Grumblings to the DL to talk (what else) BASEBALL!

If you’ve ever read Stark’s work, you know that he writes like he talks and his enjoyment for the game really comes out in his columns. He’s never backed down from talking with fans and readers and I think he just really, really loves being a baseball writer.

We ask him to compare what it’s like working for ESPN to covering a beat, and if he ever wishes he were still covering one team throughout the entire season. At its core, baseball is a colloquial game – a front porch transistor radio experience that other sports just aren’t able to capture. So working for a megamart like ESPN takes the neighborhood feel away from the game, and we ask Jayson if he misses that.

We talk about the myriad of responsibilities he has at the WWL. It’s also a wonder to us how he manages to keep such a light-hearted and genuinely excited tone with both his writing, and his ‘alternative’ media endeavors. Seriously, he writes a column, he writes a blog, he does a weekly chat, he does video blogs to go with his columns, he does TV, he does national radio, he does local radio in many markets, including Philadelphia and I think my ring tone is now his voice saying “Manny being Manny.”

We talk about the All-Star game marathon, including the pre-game ceremonies that had many of the living Hall of Famers. We also ask why it was ‘many’ and not ‘all’ of the living Hall of Famers, bringing up the specific examples of Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench and Sandy Koufax. Sure some people are old, but some just don’t feel like showing up for this kind of stuff. We discuss the notion that players owe it to the fans to be at events like this – especially Sandy Koufax.

Listen, there aren’t many great Jewish ballplayers. When I was growing up, I don’t know if there were any prominent members of the Tribe I could look up to. Would it be so much for Koufax to show up to thinks like the All-Star celebration once in a while? I’m not asking for him to be Phil Rizutto for the Money Store but letting us know what one of the heroes of our generations past is still alive isn’t so much to ask.

We spin the Koufax talk to Stark’s book, where he named Koufax the most overrated lefty of all time. Wow. We talk about Koufax and Nolan Ryan (his most overrated righty) and ask Stark if he felt handcuffed by the term ‘overrated’ or if it ended up being a shrewd marketing tool for the book. We also ask how Scott Boras feels now that Andruw Jones has been totally exposed as a player. Boras.

We end with some talk about the Phillies and while we all still think they CAN win the division, we wonder IF that will happen.

We talk Uncle Charlie and wonder how he’s regarded as a manager in league circles. We talk Brett Myers and debate the logic behind teams trading top prospects instead of calling them up and just going with them. If a guy is good enough to ‘eventually’ be a front-of-the-rotation starter, why not bring him up to learn on the job as the 4th or 5th arm?

Last, we ask Stark about the Elias Sports Bureau. How big is that fruit basket he sends each Christmas, anyway?


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Mayor Michael Nutter takes over the DL

Listen to the interview with Dan and Mayor Michael Nutter

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter sits down to talk about what it’s like running one of the biggest cities in the country. We discuss the roles of being Michael Nutter the mayor and Michael Nutter the man and how he’s able to maintain balance. I ask him if he can even have a personal life with his professional life being so public and I can honestly say that this was the first time in my life that I was “Punk’d” by a public official of his stature. A milestone moment for me.
Mayor Nutter

We talk about the upcoming Presidential race including his role to this point and what he sees for the coming months. It was national news that Mayor Nutter supported Senator Clinton over Senator Obama, much to the chagrin of many residents in the city of Philadelphia. I ask the mayor about his feelings on that now that Senator Obama has won (presumptively) the nomination.

We also talk about race and politics and I wondered if young African-American kids now have a different career arc – a different “when I grow up….” dream – now that Senator Obama is one step from becoming President Obama. To follow that, I ask him if he’s thought about his career goals and what he wants to do after his time as Mayor of Philadelphia is finished.

We discuss several issues facing the city, including education and crime. Did you know that while 45.8-percent of the population in Philadelphia County is African-American, yet that number jumps to 76.7-percent for the incarcerated. As the leader of this city, I ask the mayor how he feels about those numbers and what he plans to do in hopes of leveling that discrepancy. (Note: he does not like my suggestion).

We then talk about green…as in making the city a greener place to live with different recycling programs and initiatives to become more efficient. That conversation is juxtaposed with a discussion about the ever-changing skyline of the city and if big buildings means big business for the city. We spin that to a conversation about business in the city and if the laws are actually hurting small business owners in order to help large corporations.

Finally, we talk sports, including the problems the Phils are having on the bump and if Pat the Bat should be an all-star (he, like I, thinks yes). I violate several interstate commerce laws to ask him which team he’d bet on to win the next title in the city and we close with some quick hits about his favorite cheesesteaks, top movies of all time and what he really thinks of Nutter Butters.

The mayor is a great sport and honestly the coolest mayor I know.

Listen to the show above, or for the ADD addled like myself, you can click one of the links below to listen to a segment of the interview:

Listen to the mayor talk about…

• being a regular guy.
• the Presidential election and how race is (and isn’t) a factor.
• his typical day at the office.
• the problems facing the city, including the racial disparity in prisons.
• the green initiatives that the city is implementing.
• business in the city and if the small business owner is getting squeezed.
• the Phils and what they’re going to do on the mound.
• his favorite cheesesteak, movies, TV show and snack cookie.

For more information, go to http://ontheDLpodcast.com.

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Ron Jaworski talks with the DL

Listen to the interview with Dan and Ron Jaworski

Former Eagles great and current analyst for Monday Night Football Ron Jaworski joins the DL to talk about his career on the field and life after football. Jaws lives and breathes football, and nothing in life excites him more than to talk about the sport he’s worked in – as a player, analyst, reporter, team president and owner – for more than 40 years. null

We talk about Jaws’ career on the field and ask him who he thinks is the best quarterback in Eagles history. We also discuss the drama constantly surrounding the Birds and ask if he feels there was as much drama when he was a player. I ask Jaws if he thinks that a change of scenery helps a player, and while says he does in many cases, he specifically talks about the situation with Donovan McNabb.

Jaws also gives his insights on the changes to Monday Night Football for the coming season, and talks about the role of Tony Kornheiser on the telecast. We talk about the reduced role the sideline reporters will play and ask Jaws what he thinks of the shift in philosophy.

Next, we chat about his favorite part of the job – breaking down game tape. We discuss the NFL Matchup show, and I ask if he’s ever wanted to throw Merril Hodge through the telestrator. If you watch the show, you know you have.

Jaws also addresses the groundswell of animosity toward players who walk off the field and into the analyst chair without going through the years of work it takes to hone such a difficult craft. People are handed a lot of jobs they didn’t deserve, so we wanted to get Jaws’ thoughts on people like Emmitt Smith and Michael Strahan when he has worked for 17 years in television to get to his level of success.

To end the show, we talk a little Soul with their big playoff game coming up this weekend. We also talk about the philanthropic efforts of the team and how they are one of the most successful teams in the league, yet don’t make any money.

To close, I do my best duck and cover to take a quick jab at Jaws….and break some big news for next Monday Night Football season in the process.

Listen to the show above, or link to http://ontheDLpodcast.com for the cut ups.

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Rhea Hughes takes over the DL

Listen to the interview with Dan and Rhea Hughes

In this episode, the first lady of Philly sports talk radio, Rhea Hughes, joins the show to talk about her career and what it’s like being one of the guys. Hughes is one of the busiest people in town, so we get a glimpse at her daily routine — and what waking up at 3am for a decade does to one’s social life.

We talk about her role on the WIP morning show, and if she ever feels like she’s betraying her gender while being party to some of WIP’s staple bits, like Miss WIP and the Wing Bowl. She has some pretty strong feelings about the role of women in sports, even taking direct shots at TV executives for putting people like Lisa Guerrero on the sidelines of Monday Night Football. Her viewpoints seem to directly conflict with much of the discussion and many of the on-air gimmicks on her show, so I ask what she thinks of the disconnect and how she justifies being a part of things she clearly has no taste for.

We also discuss the wave of suspensions and firings in media today (including Bill Conlin from Daily News Live and Kidd Chris from WYSP), and if members of the media feel the need to dance on eggshells in today’s social and financial climate.

Speaking of eggshells, we talk about Andy Reid and how they constructed their line of questioning when Reid visited the studio last month. I juxtapose their interview and the topics they chose to ask with my interview with Darren Daulton and ask Rhea where the line is between asking the questions that need to be asked and avoiding some topics in order to get the interview.

We finish by talking about the brewing radio feud between Mike Missanelli at 950 and seemingly the entire WIP roster. Rhea worked with Mike, so it’s interesting to get her take on his onslaught on WIP since his return.

And we even manage to talk a little Fightins.

After the interview, I steal a few minutes to mourn the loss of one of America’s great newsmen in Tim Russert. We talk a lot of politics on this show, and I know for me, this Presidential race will not be the same without Tim and his whiteboard come November.

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Philly Weekly Takeover – David Aldridge

 Listen to the Interview with Dan and David

In this episode, we talk with David Aldridge of TNT, and formerly of the Philadelphia Inquirer. David has had quite the career, working for the Washington Post and ESPN before his most recent stops, covering everything from the Redskins and Bullets in DC to the big four in Philly to Stanley Cups and World Series to the Barcelona Olympics in ’92. And that’s not forgetting his fantastic work covering the NBA.

We talk with David about the change in the industry of sportswriting, and how the career arc has changed to fit TV into the model. I also ask David about where blogs fit into the mix, and if sportswriters feel that bloggers are taking a shortcut in the industry and haven’t paid their dues.

David was one of the few sportswriters who left his job in the last few years on his terms. He wasn’t forced out, didn’t take any buyout, just left on his own. I wanted to know why this was the right time for him to leave. I also wanted to talk about his time with the Inq, specifically the criticism he would get for being a sportswriter living in a different city.

I couldn’t have a guy like DA on and not talk about one of his colleagues at the Inquirer – Stephen A. Smith. We have a lengthy discussion about race, and the lack of a strong African-American presence in sportswriting in the city. DA states it’s a nation-wide issue. I press him on if SAS has become the de facto spokesman for black sports commentary, and David’s thoughts are both candid and well thought out, which leads to an interesting conversation about race and media and where to find strong black voices.

We finish with some quick hits about the NBA Finals, Kobe Bryant and which is a bigger problem for the league – drugs or gambling. And since David is one of the biggest political buffs around, we ask him who will be our next president.

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Special Edition – Darren Daulton Lands on the DL

We’re supposed to do this PW show twice a month, on Tuesdays. But we put up a show on our site today that we had to share with our friends at PW.

Darren Daulton – former Phillies All-Star – lands on the DL…a place he unfortunately was familiar with during his career. This time, however, it’s not a bad thing.

Darren Daulton

We talk with Dutch about his memories of the ’93 team that came oh so close (and ask him about rumors he’s writing a book on the season). We also compare that team to the current squad.

We ask Darren about baseball players having a hard adjustment in the ‘real world’ after they leave the game, and if he thinks players today have it harder because their every move is being watched, photographed and reported upon.

We also ask him about the importance of fundamentals in the game and help him plug his camp teaching said fundamentals. And we ask if he thinks catchers are the smartest players on the team.

Oh, and I think he’s going to help me sue my parents.

To listen to the show, click the link on this page to listen and subscribe to the PW show, or click here to go directly to our site to listen. We also have some clips, for the ADD addled like myself.

Click here to go On the DL with Dutch.

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Philly Weekly Takeover – The Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar

Listen to the Interview with Dan and Rachel

In this episode, we talk with Rachel Sklar, editor of the Huffington Post’s Eat the Press page. We talk about her career, going from high-powered attorney to freelance writer to media editor and TV talking head, and what advice she’d give up and coming writers and reporters.

We talk about where she sees the landscape of the industry going and also chat about her role as a member of the media, covering the media. We do spin it local, as I bring up the fact that while Chris Matthews and Tim Russert make $5 million per year, they Mayor of one of the biggest cities in the country makes $186,000 and the President makes $400,000 (sure, with lots of free stuff as well). I use that example to ask who is more influential in today’s political climate, the politicians or the people covering them, which Rachel promptly and (seemingly) effortlessly refutes the notion that in this case, the money matters.

We talk a lot about the Keith Olbermann rant on George Bush from last week, and I ask Rachel if she thought it was necessary or just piling on at this point. We also address her story from a few weeks ago in which Olbermann claimed someone should take Hillary Clinton into a back room and only he, indicating Obama, would come out. Rachel took that as an inadvertent advocation of beating up a woman, and spun that to bring up many gender issues in this political campaign. Following on that, I ask if this campaign season has shown this country to be a more sexist or racist nation.

Oh, and we even manage to sneak in a little American Idol, too.

Read Rachel’s take on the Olbermann rant, with embedded video.
Read Rachel’s take on the acceptability of sexism with regard to Hillary Clinton.

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